About Us

Quest® is dedicated to being your “Partner in Family health”

We understand that family brings you deep joy and happiness, our full time jobs away from Quest are being moms and dads, just like you. When you strive to provide the best for them each and every day, from toddlers to teens to grandparents – everyone in your family admires your passionate commitment to them. Your loved ones rely on your continuous guidance, devotion and care. Nurturing your family simply comes naturally.  

We are proud to offer a full range of outstanding natural products supporting a wide range of health challenges.It’s our job to make natural health the easiest it can be. We hope you’ll find this web tool helpful and informative, if we can do a better job or if you have questions we can help with, please drop us an email or phone call. Sincerely, in good health, 

The Quest Team 


Solid Foundation 1976—2006

In 1976, Mr.Barrie Carlsen founded QUEST®.

In August 2003, Jamieson  Laboratories, successfully  acquired QUEST®

Grow up in North America, explore international market 2006—2012

In September 21st2003, SunOpta Inc.(NASDAQ:STKL; TSX:SOY) had completed the acquisition of the QUEST®.

During the year of 2009 to 2012,QUEST® had been the top seller in Korea through the television shopping channels. 

Return to Canada 2012—2015

In June 2012, Purity Life was purchased back from SunOpta.

Till 2015, QUEST® had won CHFA Canadian Excellence Food award consecutively for 6 years.

Glory in Canada, Benefit the world since 2016

On November 15th of 2015, QUEST® and Nature’s Harmony® were officially purchased by C.C. Natural Products Tech Limited (CCNP Tech) from Purity Life.