Are you tailoring for the specific supplement requirements for each of the 5 stages of pregnancy? Women at different stages of pregnancy have specific physiological changes. QUEST® PreNu is the only brand of full line prenatal supplements designed specifically for men & women during preconception and for women during each trimester and lactation. Each product provides a balanced dose of the basic vitamins and minerals designed in a convenient 1 tablet daily format to satisfy nutritional needs.


Mommy To Be - Preparation

  • Helps provide nutrition to support optimal female fertility.
  • Helps improve the health of the egg and the chance of conception.
  • Helps promote the normal growth of the fetus after conception.
  • Adults: 1 tablet daily (start 12 weeks ahead of conception).


Daddy To Be - Preparation

  • Helps provide nutrition to support optimal male fertility.
  • Helps protect sperm from active oxygen damage.
  • Helps improve sperm motility and quality, reduce the risk of sperm damage.
  • Adults: 1 tablet daily (start 12 weeks ahead of conception).


Mommy To Be -1st Trimester

  • Helps provide nutrition, support and maintenance for the good health of fetuses and the pregnant women.
  • Helps support normal early fetal development (brain and spinal cord).
  • Helps improve the immunity, reduce vomiting.
  • Adults: 1 tablet daily (during 0 - 12 weeks of pregnancy).Say something interesting about your business here.


Mommy To Be - 2nd Trimester

  • Helps supplement the daily diet to meet pregnant women’s nutritional needs, and optimize their physical condition.
  • Helps lower the risk of osteoporosis and osteomalacia.
  • Helps improve growth of feta bones, heart, brain and other vital organs.
  • Adults: 1 tablet daily (during 13 - 24 weeks of pregnancy).


Mommy To Be - 3rd Trimester

  • Helps maintain the health level of the pregnant women and the fetuses at the late stage of pregnancy.
  • Helps provide sufficient iron for fetal growth and compensate for blood loss. 
  • Helps improve myelin development, prevent neonatal hemorrhagic disease.
  • Adults: 1 tablet daily (during 24 + weeks of pregnancy).


LactaNu for New Mommy

  • Helps speed up postpartum wound healing, helps relieve postpartum prurigo.
  • Helps make up the loss of blood during childbirth and postpartum lochia discharge.
  • Helps promote calcium absorption and restores physical condition.
  • Helps maintain the calcium content constant in nursing breast milk.
  • Adults: 1 tablet daily (during breastfeeding).



  • Formulated as a vegetable capsule, this supplement is easily absorbed and easy to swallow. 
  • Provides expecting mothers with optimal levels of nutrients to support fetal growth and development, including a daily dose of 1 mg of folic acid to protect the infant from neural tube defects such as spina bifida.
  • Helps maintain the overall good health of mother-to-be. 
  • Adults: 1 capsule three times daily.